Monthly Archives: October 2008

Why you should bottom post + small rant

Proper email form (specifically top vs bottom posting) is something that has been on my mind lately. I am trying to share the benefits of trimming and bottom posting with my co-workers. They don’t seem to be taking kindly to it. I would say my largest pet peeve when trying to teach good email habits […]

Why you should give your sysadmin a day off

We will eventually go crazy without some rest. Looks like solaris cluster may have saved the day. Us Linux admins unfortunately do not have ZFS. Share and Enjoy:

Vim + wordpress == vimpress, happiness

I recently found a vim plug-in for WordPress. Vimpress allows your to write and edit your blog posts directly from vim. Sure it has its limitations. There does not appear to be support for future data publishing or drafts. But overall its a much better experience to write in vim than the built in editor.

Secure git hosting with gitosis

I hope you are already using ssh keys, but just in case your not go ahead and generate one with ssh-keygen -t rsa (you should do this on your local box) You may as well go ahead and copy your publick key to your git server now as well. Log into your gitosis server * […]

vimpress test

This is just a test post from vimpress. Vimpress is a vim plugin to post to wordpress. Seems there is an issue with not supporting the more tag, but it is much easier to write a post in vim than it is to use the builtin editor.