Xen installing Centos 5 domU inside debian etch dom0 with xen-tools and rinse: the patch to fix it

After more testing I have narrowed the issue that I left off with to a problem with the yum conf inside of the chroot.
I just got the patch working to the centos-5 postinstall script that does fix this issue. So to clarify I did add to /etc/rinse/centos-5.packages
Those package were

That was early in the debugging and after I found the real issue I removed those packages without causing issues.
So what do you need to do to bootstrap centos5 with rinse? All you need to do is apply a small patch to the post install script. Here is the patch rinse-centos5.patch.

Here is how you apply it.
As root:

cd /usr/lib/rinse/centos-5
wget http://www.cmdln.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/rinse-centos5.patch
patch -p0 < rinse-centos5.patch [/bash]


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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the fix! It helped with some issues. Still had a Yum/SQLiteCachec problem after all this, finally fixed it by adding yum-metadata-parser to the package list to download in the rinse configs.

    Cheers again 🙂

  • Glad it helped you.

  • Emisho Ubuntu Firefox 3.0.10 wrote:

    rinse fails to install new Centos-5 machines since yum requires some libs shipped with nss, nspr and python-iniparse packages.

    adding these in /etc/rinse/centos-5.packages resolve the issue.

  • Thank you a lot guys for all the invaluable hints!

    As of now, the most recent version of rinse in Debian already incorporates Nick’s patch and installs yum-metadata-parser for centos-5, so I had just to add these 3 lines:
    to /etc/rinse/centos-5.packages and it worked like a charm for CentOS 5.3!

    Did anybody try to send the patch upstream to Steve the xen-tools developer?

  • I have sent several patches to Steve before. He has always been receptive though sometimes a bit slow to respond.

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