Monthly Archives: February 2008

Spice up your bash prompt redux | A nice .screenrc redux with screencast

This is more or less going to be an addendum to my last post as well as an update to my previous screenrc post. About 5 minutes after posting I realized that my additions to my prompt broke some new additions to new screenrc settings.

Spice up your bash prompt

I spend a lot of my time sitting in front of terminals if you have not yet guessed. When dealing with different user accounts across different systems and a plethora of terminals open its nice to have a bit of information about who you are, and where you are. I also like to be able […]

Get around that pesky firewall filtering with tsocks

I generally don’t have any issues knowing someone might be snooping on a bit of my traffic. However there are times you may want your traffic to be a bit more private. For example if your boss is a raging tyrant and your looking for a new job, and you know the sky would fall […]

Restricting SSH commands

SSH is a powerful tool. When combined with ssh keys, it becomes easy to automate remote procedures like backups. However leaving key access wide open can be a bad idea. It is possible to use restrict ssh keys to specific commands, even coming from specific hosts. There is this nice little perl script called Authprogs […]

Zabbix 1.4.4 from source on Debian Etch

This guide will walk you through installing Zabbix 1.4.4 from source on debian etch. 1.4.4 has many improvements over what is currently available in apt, and its not hard so you might as well do it this way. *Note: this walkthrough assumes that you will be running the zabbix database on the same machine as […]