Digging up bundles and bodies

You never know when the Zombie or Cloud Apocalypse is coming. It's good to be able to locate those buried bodies quickly and easily. OK, enough bad jokes, but haven't you ever looked at some CFEngine policy and wondered to yourself, exactly what does "delete => tidy" or some other body or bundle do?4e5d6fc8 (Read More)

Thank you Thomas

I want to take a minute to thank Thomas Leyer for all of his hard work and dedicated service to the LOPSA Mentorship Program Team. Thomas has been a volunteer since the programs inception, and has chaired the program for the past three years! Thanks Thomas! (Read More)

I am so excited! And I just cant hide it!

Today NIKON_D5000_20120908T114952_02I start a new journey with some of the smartest people on the planet. I have accepted a position with CFEngine. Primarily I will be assisting customers with the evaluation, design, implementation and policy writing. If you know me from the CFEngine community, don't worry I only plan to increase my activity and continue to help in any way I can. Now one of my favourite hobbies is my job! (Read More)

Canonifying a list with CFEngine 3

John Sanders Glass_pour_section_on_restaurant_wine_listshared a pattern for canonifying lists in #CFEngine on irc.freenode.net yesterday. It's a useful reference so I thought I would replicate it here. (Read More)

Working around getindices with dynamically generated arrays in CFEngine 3

There is a known bug where getindices is unable to get the index Workaroundof a dynamically generated array until the next pass. This comes up from time to time so I thought I would post an example using a pattern shared on the CFEngine help mailing list. The policy below shows 3 working examples. They are mostly similar, example0 shows the simplest workaround, example1 and example2 in addition show ways to suppress the "Duplicate selection of value for variable" messages. (Read More)